1. Service must be cheaper than market prices, don't send us overpriced services. Save your and our time (For unical services and service providers special conditions apply)

2. Services must be stable and meet the specified criteria in the description

3. You Must be have smm panel for connecting with API (We accept perfect panel script but there may be exceptions)

4. You must give full support for service with chat on Telegram, Whatsapp any requets with your service must be resolved witihn short time


After manager test your service and confirm it your service will be added to promotion category on panel, you must be give high discount for service so our customers can test it and api resellers can connect it. Discount depends from your service cost, your service hold on promotion category with discount witin 3 days, after that discount over and your service go to regular category, if service will be have high sales and customers like it we add it to Best Services Category and you will have more sales, if your service after discounts and promoting not be popular for customers witihn 1 month we will disable it, you can put your service to promotion category with discount anytime if you want more promotion.

For Service Adding Request Send message On Telegram like indicated below

1. Panel Link

2. Service ID what you want to add

3. Created account details (login and password) on your panel with Test Balance